Apple Pie with Oatmeal Crust

This recipe is so simple to make that even a non-baker like me can do don't even have to deal with dough. It’s lower in calories too! It has 195 calories a slice, a traditional apple pie that has 411 calories a slice. This recipe comes from the cookbook Best Life Recipes from World Class Chefs.
2 cups oatmeal (certified gluten free)
4 Tbsp vegan margarine (no palm oil...please)
2 Tbsp water

5 apples, cored and sliced
1/4 cup sugar
2 tsp cinnamon
2 Tbsp brown or white rice flour

Preheat the oven to 375 F.

Combine the oatmeal, margarine and water in a food processor for 1 minute. If you don’t have a food processer like me then put your oatmeal in one cup at time into a small chopper and finely grind. Add to a bowl with margarine and water and mix well with your hands.

Coat a 9 inch pie plate with cooking spray and press the oatmeal mixture into the bottom of the plate. Bake the crust for 10 minutes.

Toss together the apples, sugar, cinnamon and flour in a large bowl.

Place the apple mixture on top of the crust and bake, covered with aluminum foil for 45 minutes. Remove the foil and bake for an additional 5 minutes. Serve with a scoop of vegan ice cream on top. (calorie count is without the scoop of ice cream)